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Screenplay: Double Team

By admin

On 01, Jan 2021 | In | By admin

Screenplay: Double Team

“Roxi, a working class girl pursues her dream of becoming a professional wrestler navigating problems both in and out the ring.”

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Roxi wants to be a professional wrestler. She wrestles within a sleazy club for a club manager who is more concerned with exploitation than the skills of the talent. Roxi loses more than she wins, and this is reflected in her personal life.

Aside from her wrestling bouts, Roxi has to wrestle with bringing up her six year old daughter, Gemma. Added to this is her ex partner who routinely bombards Roxi with trivial legal proceedings for visitation and custody.

Roxi’s break comes when she is meets Ruby and Karl, an experienced pro and her manager. Ruby’s tag team partner can’t compete due to injury and Roxi offers to stand in. With some doubt she is given the chance. The team win their match, Roxi’s first ever, and it seems her life has turned a corner.

In order to celebrate, Roxi takes her pay and goes out drinking with friends to disastrous results. She starts the next day hungover. At training she can’t compete and is called out by Ruby who issues the ultimatum of quit drinking and smoking, or wrestle.

Karl announces that due to their work, they have been invited to Japan to wrestle in a tournament for a huge amount of money.

Roxi once again wrestles with her domestic problems but agrees to the trip.

In Japan, the tag team compete until they earn a shot at the titles culminating in a explosive match against the champions