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Published Novel: Revelations of the Flesh

By admin

On 01, Jan 2021 | In | By admin

Published Novel: Revelations of the Flesh

A page-turning sequel to, ‘The Chronicle of Flesh’ in the tradition of Clive Barker, The Exorcist and Dante’s Inferno. ‘Revelations of the Flesh’ is an Occult Horror loaded with visceral human emotions, demonic possession and the struggle of faith.

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“The time of rebirth is upon mankind, God and Lucifer are engaged in a battle for the soul of a unique child. Whoever wins the battle, wins the war. Either mankind will be under the rule of Christ or the Antichrist.” – The Angel, Pursana.

Father Augustine Scarlet, a priest, seeks closure for a death within the clergy. His only lead is Clara, a woman housed within a secure unit. The priest discovers that the demon, Andras has returned to Earth and has repossessed the troubled woman, but her exorcism is just the beginning…