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Film: Paranormal

By admin

On 01, Jan 2021 | In | By admin

Film: Paranormal

These are clips from the short film, ‘Paranormal.’

It was part of a showreel piece after I graduated from film school. It was shot in natural light, with a single camera and with natural sound. The shoot lasted over 14 hours and involved a small dedicated cast. The final film ran to around 17 minutes and was nominated at the Barcelona International Film Festival of 2004.

Apologies for the lower quality, the original DV tapes have been lost so this is taken from the only digital copy available.


Commentary: The above clip was meant as a dream sequence. The bedroom sequence was shot in daylight with a blue filter applied to give that, ‘night’ effect. The idea was that the main character started to experience some paranormal incidents and was confronted by the spirit that haunted her.

The hand prints on the shower curtain were the casts, we decorated the bathroom with water soluble fake blood and it was shot at night under harsh bathroom light. This is why the red filter was applied to signify some surreal or different experience.

The soundtrack was an edit of Shostakovich – String Quartet No.8 – II. Allegro molto. I liked the, ‘Hitchcock’ feel which really brought together the scene.


Commentary: The end sequence of the film. Again, it was shot with a single light source, a disposable lighter. I like the effect of the dark, sometimes the simplest thing works the best. The idea was to show the main character alone, isolated and with a temperamental light to heighten the tension. The clip comes after a seance where the main character tries to make communication with the spirit, which inevitably goes wrong.

Again I used the Shostakovich theme to echo the supernatural element up until the climax.