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Welcome, I am Matt, a Screenwriter, Author and Filmmaker.

My journey began at school. I enjoyed English and found it suited me better than other subjects and was awarded a double A award at GCSE. Afterwards I studied at college and in particular broadened my education within media. After college, I worked full time within finance but ultimately felt this was not the career path I wanted. After a year, I left to study film at University.

University was a unique experience. Student life provided a way to explore both myself and my subject. The course was geared toward, ‘film as art.’ At the time, I struggled to grasp this, or at least I found, ‘art’ in my own way. Whilst the lecturers were looking for the next Lynne Ramsay, my approach was coming from my love of Horror. My ideas were not popular, but this is who I am. Horror is art, and this exploration led me to the Italian Giallo sub-genre.

My thesis was on the video nasties outrage of the 1980’s. It was during this research that I discovered the Italian director, Dario Argento.

Once I saw Tenebrae on late night TV, I had found the definition of, ‘film as art.’ His other films such as Suspiria and Profondo Rosso soon followed to expand my love of the genre, as did Mario Bava, Michelle Soavi and others. It was a shift away from the American eighties Horror that I watched on well worn VHS rentals. Directors like Wes Craven and George A Romero let me cut my teeth on Freddy Kruger and Zombies.

Post University, I used this inspiration to make my own short films, some of which were nominated at International Film Festivals and enabled me to be credited with an IMDB profile.

I have written many screenplays including, “Flesh” and another female led wrestling movie called, “Double Team.” Producers interested in these scripts should contact me

Along with my Horror novel, ‘The Chronicle of Flesh’ I have also ventured into Science Fiction following the inspiration of Philip K Dick, the, ‘spiritual entertainment’ of Alan Watts and psychedelic exploration of Terence McKenna with the novel, ‘The Man Who Knew Everything.’

Outside of my creative work, I enjoy art, technology, philosophy and travel.